KCF Technical advice to users

In order to maintain the cleanliness of KCF products, avoid opening their wrapping outside the clean room or clean booth. When products are covered with double wrapping, remove the outer wrapping only before they are conveyed into the clean room or clean booth. We recommend that you open the wrapping just before commencing with welding.


Small diameter tubes (especially below OD 10mmφ) can undergo distortion by bending and elongation, even under weak stresses. If this should happen, avoid using deformed tubes and replace them with new ones. When you have to use a deformed tube for whatever reason, make sure it maintains good pressure resistance and airtightness. Don't try to restore it to its original form as this may cause cracks along the tube.
When you mount a valve or other object to a joint section of joint fitting and joint header, hold it securely and fasten it in such a way so that fastening does not cause any distortion or bend stresses on the welded joint. When you fasten it, please follow the joint maker's instructions.


In order to prevent sparking between the inner tube and outer tube when welding a double tube, make sure that you earth either the inner tube or outer tube when it is being welded.