We have supplied semiconductor-related industry with "KUZE CLEAN FITTINGS"(KCF), which meet the industry's various technical requirements and high quality standard. During the last decade the industry has seen a rapid change and development in its environment, from 1MB to 4MB to 16MB,and to 64MB,and now leap from 256MB to 1GB We, as a member of semiconductor-related industry, have earnestly continued development and research, setting ourselves a target of becoming a "21ST CENTURY ENTERPRISE IN ENDLESS PURSUIT OF CREATION AND INNOVATION." KUZE Clean Fittings for ultra high purity fluids are the accumulation of our manufacturing and polishing technique, and we are confident that their high cleanliness and superior quality will not fail to satisfy pharmaceutical industry and food processing industry, not to mention IT-related industry. We shall be very happy if you will study our products and place an order, and our well-organized production system delivers your order, at short notice and within a short period.